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The Project Partnership focus on needs analysis, dwelling on those difficulties that older people, pensioners in particular, have to face up to after their transition from work to retirement, when they feel displaced in society and need to reinvent themselves. Moreover, the project will promote internationalization through inter-generational training courses addressed to women and men below 60 years of age, inside the associations partners of the project.

The ADA Association is the Project Coordinator, with partners from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia and Sweden.

The project objectives are:
1. To increase inclusive process of pensioners over 60 years of age, who feel “expelled” from labour market, in order to increase their inclusion in social fabric.
2. To enhance skills of older people and pensioners through an inter-generational training course
3. To enhance skills of older people and pensioners in order to facilitate hospitality and integration of migrants and weaker sections of population, in agreement with local authorities and schools
4. To offer training courses to older people in order to increase their flexibility and active participation, even through the use of ICT, according to Digital Agenda for Europe 2020.

The project includes a communication, monitoring and evaluation plan; a dissemination plan will highlight the project results through a clear and precise organization and a responsibility matrix. Sustainability of the project will be assured by further participation in actions such as KA2 Innovation, or Europe for Citizens, or Active Ageing.